Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next friday: A maneater moviefest

Two posters for next Friday's Bad Monster films double feature screening of Alligator and Anthropophagous: the Grim Reaper. Friday January 21st at the Broadway theatre.

Giant Alligators!..... Chicago!.....Self cannibalizing cannibals!.... Stumble on down from the Mendel Art Gallery's winter exhibitions opening and start your weekend off right!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yeesh, It's getting cold here. Bring on the deep winter I guess.
A couple of new prints, there is a third which will be printed following some studio upgrades.

A set of these (in some swanky handmade frames) are part of a group show up at the Esteem for the Home gallery (college park mall, 8th St. Saskatoon). The show is a fundraiser for the Ink Slab printmakers. We are Saskatoon's only print collective and we're collecting funds to get a studio built, come check it out! (reception Feb 3) Also, check out this news spot featuring a somewhat awkward yours truly for more info : Global TV news spot and make a blood oath commitment via social networking.

More soon.